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Andre's Pre Bday Kickoff

Monday, December 11,2023

Hosted by: Nonie Dope

Thank you for agreeing to a night of fun and laughter with your "favorite person"!!! :) Although you know the gist of the plan there are some minor surprises planned for the day.

Instructions are listed below: 

*None of the places have a dress code just look nice, as I will be giving snack that day

Step One: On Monday, December 11,2023, I need for you to arrive at my home at 7pm to begin our journey.

Park your car in visitors as I will be the driver for the night.

Step Two: Our quest will begin with a ride to our first destination Papi Cuisine for 8:30pm reservations your first surprise will be located in the back seat 

Step Three: We should be slightly lit after dinner so I have a another surprise planned to bring in your bday and refresh for the new year!

Step Four (optional): If you are up for a night cap we can head to Bloom's for a drink

Step Five: We will be ending our night with a stay at The Salamander DC, where your next surprise will be located I hope you are ready for the best time ever!!!

*P.S. I know you hate surprises but the night will sure be unforgettable!!!!

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